On-Campus Housing Accommodations

Housing Accommodations at Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame supports the inclusion of students with disabilities in its on-campus residential facilities and programs. The University recognizes the importance of providing reasonable accommodations in its residential life policies and practices where necessary for students with disabilities to use and enjoy the University’s residence halls. The reasonableness of requested housing accommodations is determined by the Housing Accommodations Committee. This committee is comprised of members from Residential Life, University Health Services, the University Counseling Center, and Sara Bea Accessibility Services. For addional information about the housing accommodations process, please visit our Policies and Procedures page linked below. 

 Housing Accommodations Policy

How to Apply for Housing Accommodations 

The process to request housing accommodations requires two steps; first the completion of student request form below, and second, the provision of supporting medical documentation. The deadlines to apply vary over the semester, but are generally in similar timeframes. For returning students, the deadlines for each semester are typically by the end of October for spring requests, or by mid February for fall requests. For newly admitted students, the timeframe to apply is typically mid May to early June. As these deadlines are set by the office of Residential Life, please visit their webpage or contact them directly for additonal questions or concerns. 

Housing Accommodations Student Request FormResidential Life Webpage

Required Documentation

The Committee shall only request information from a qualified health professional to verify whether the student has a disability and, if so, to evaluate whether the requested accommodation is necessary to provide the student an equal opportunity to use and enjoy University housing. For additional questions related to documentation please visit our policies and procedures page linked above, or email sarabeacenter@nd.edu.  To better facilitate the process for students requesting documentation, the linked form below can be shared directly with their off campus medical or mental health provider. If you currently have a relationship established with a mental health professional or doctor in either the UCC or UHS, then in please ensure you have a current release of information form on file. 

Outside Provider Documentation Form - HousingUHS Release of InformationUCC Release of Information

Exemptions to the Residency Requirement

Given the importance the University has placed on residential experience, exemptions to living on campus in our residential communities are very rare. The University affirms the value of in-person community-style residential living as an essential component of the holistic formation of a Notre Dame education and expects that all required students will live on campus. The University’s policy of meeting full demonstrated financial need of each undergraduate mitigates most financial considerations for an Exemption. Students may submit their request for consideration to the Exemption Review Board (ERB). A link to access the ERB process is located online at homeunderthedome.nd.edu, available at specified times during the semester, determined by the Office of Residential Life. The Housing Accommodations Committee assists in the review of requests that identify a medical or mental health need as determined by the ERB.

Additional Information Regarding the Exemption Process

Additional Resources from Residential Life

If you have additional questions related to other processes offered through the Office of Residential Life such as room picks, float for single requests, or hall transfer requests, you can reach out directly to your Rector or visit the Residential Life webpage for the latest information. 

Residential Life WebpageResidential Life Contact PageOff Campus Resources

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