For Faculty and Staff

The Center for Student Support and Care is here to serve as consultants to faculty and staff on issues of student wellbeing and accessibility and support you in creating a rich academic environment where our students can thrive.

Our Care and Wellness Consultants (CWCs) are trained in student wellness, mental health, and behavior management and can aid the academy in determining how to best support students of concern. We work directly members of Notre Dame's faculty and staff to receive reports of student concern, to problem solve behavior issues, and to determine next-step interventions and resources. CWCs are assigned and dedicated to working with different colleges. In order to determine the CWC for your college, please visit our Contact page. We are available to consult via email, telephone, over Zoom, and in-person. You also may use this referral form through a secure online reporting system to report concerns over a student.

The Sara Bea Accessibility Services team collaborates directly with faculty and staff to create an equitable environment for our students with disabilities, whether it's sharing information about the academic accommodation process, tips for creating an accessible course, or determining reasonable accommodations for qualified students. For more information, visit our Academic Accommodations Processes.

Helping a Student of Concern

Are you worried about a student and not sure sure how to help? Learn more about what behaviors are cause for concern and reach out to the Care & Wellness Consultant in your college.

Academic Accommodations Process

Need to determine which students are eligible for accommodations? Looking to review and sign accommodation letters or upload an exam? AccessND has you covered.

Education, Outreach, & Resources

We're here to consult and share the latest research on student wellness and accessibility through presentations and workshops.