Red Folder

Assisting Students in Distress.

See something. Say something. Do something.


The Student Health and Wellness Unit is pleased to share the Red Folder Initiative, designed to provide resources and information for faculty, staff and administrators as you support students in distress.

The Red Folder shares indicators of students in distress, a response protocol chart to help you when faced with a distressed or distressing student, and tips for preparing to reach out to a student, connecting with the student and making referrals to resources across the university and in the community.

“See Something. Say Something. Do Something” organizes the recommended response to students showing distressed or distressing behavior.

A digital version of the Red Folder can be found here

The Red Folder drew from examples of several other major universities. We hope that this document and initiative will support you as you do the important work of supporting our students. 

If you have any questions about the Red Folder project, please contact the Center for Student Support and Care at (574) 631-7833 or at