Comprehensive, Individualized Care

Seeing eye dog assisting man walking out of a building.

The Center for Student Support and Care is dedicated to providing Notre Dame students with comprehensive, individualized care to ensure academic and social success both in and outside the classroom. Through consultation, advocacy, and resources, the Center works on behalf of all students to help them thrive at Notre Dame and beyond.

Comprised of both the Care and Wellness Consultants and the Sara Bea Center for Student Accessibility Services, the primary goal of the Center is to serve as a resource and advocate for students with complex needs. In this capacity, the Center acts as a bridge between these students and the wider University, connecting them to campus resources and accommodations.

Care and Wellness Consultants

Care and Wellness Consultants are dedicated to helping our students achieve individual well-being and are available to advise students, faculty, staff, and family members on issues surrounding student wellness. Consultants work one-on-one with students in need of additional support, as well those who are supporting them through their Notre Dame experience. We are here to help problem solve and connect students to resources and services that will support them during life's most challenging experiences.

When it comes to the health and well-being of Notre Dame students, we're dedicated to helping all of our students to thrive.

Sara Bea Accessibility Services

Sara Bea Accessibility Services ensures that every qualifying student has equal access to a Notre Dame education. Whether you need testing accommodations or auxiliary aids and services, or would like to volunteer to take notes for a friend with a disability, Sara Bea Accessibility Services can help.


Sara Bea Accessibility Services is named in honor of Sara Lynn Bea, a young women whose life inspired others to transcend the challenges laid before them. Sara was born and lived her life in Rochester, Minnesota. Although she had multiple disabilities, Sara touched the lives of many through her quick smile and engaging eyes during her many years of working at the area athletic club. Sara died peacefully in her sleep on June 18, 2003. There is a “Dancing with Angels” celebration held in her honor every year for hundreds of people with disabilities in the Rochester area.