Prospective Students

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The University of Notre Dame is committed to offering an unsurpassed undergraduate education that nurtures the mind, body and spirit. As part of this commitment, the Center for Student Support and Care serves to connect students to support services and provide equal access and opportunity for those in need accommodations. Through our Care & Wellness Consultants and Sara Bea Accessibility Services, we work directly with each student to help meet their unique and individualized needs.


Our Care & Wellness Consultants are available to help students explore a comprehensive and individualized care plan, including connecting to resources and collaborating on strategies for success. For students with complex needs, including physical and mental health concerns, transitioning your care to Notre Dame before your arrive on campus can lead to better outcomes during your time as a student. Visit Transitioning Care for Incoming Students for more information. 

Sara Bea Accessibility Services is committed to ensuring every student has equal access, working with students with both visible and invisible disabilities to provide reasonable accommodations. If you are applying to Notre Dame and you are a student with a disability, please explore our Frequently Asked Questions. For prospective students with mobility impairments, we invite you to explore these student testimonials, highlighting real student experiences of living at Notre Dame.

Notre Dame Accessibility Video 

Notre Dame is Possible for Students with Mobility Issues