Applying to Notre Dame with a Disability

Differences Between High School and College

Receiving services and accommodations for a disability will look different for a student once they have made the transition from high school to college. For more information on legal differences, policies and procedures, and practical application, please visit our quick reference guide below.

Accessibility Services- Differences Between High School and College

Student Testimonials

The links below offer a chance for prospective students to hear from Notre Dame alumni on how they worked with Sara Bea Accessiblity Services, and found support in the greater campus community. 

Nicole's Story of Finding Support at Notre Dame Notre Dame is Possible for Students with Mobility Needs

FAQs when Applying to Notre Dame with a Disability 

Is the application process different because I have a disability?

No, the application process is same as it is for all students. Applicants with disabilities are part of the regular application pool and considered based on the same criteria as all students.

Should I provide information about my disability in my application?

Deciding whether to disclose a disability is a personal decision. The University cannot ask if you have a disability during the application process. However, some students feel that how they have successfully handled the challenges of their disability reveals the uniqueness and strength of their personality and choose to write about it in their application essay.

Should I include documentation with my application?

It is not necessary to include medical or educational testing with your application. You are welcome to send documentation to Sara Bea Accessibility Services in preparation for enrolling. Decisions regarding approved accommodations will not be made until you have enrolled and registered with the office.

What documentation do I need?

Information from a medical professional must be provided to Sara Bea Accessibility Services to be eligible for services and reasonable accommodations. The documentation must be current and state a diagnosis of a disability and the functional limitations it causes. If you have questions about documentation, please contact  Sara Bea Accessibility Services.

What types of accommodations are offered at Notre Dame? 

Explore the types of accommodations that students at Notre Dame receive, including academic adjustments, housing accommodations, and more!

Is there a separate application to receive services from Sara Bea Accessibility Services?

Once you are enrolled and have a Student NetID, you can complete the Initial Accommodation Request form. You are able to upload documentation within that form. Once our office has received the information, a staff member will reach out regarding a meeting to review your request(s). 

When will my request for accommodations and documentation be reviewed? 

Requests and documentation for incoming/admitted student will be reviewed every year starting in mid-May for those with a Fall start date. A Sara Bea Accessibility Services team member looks forward to answering your specific questions after this review period.

Hall staff and Welcome Weekend volunteers at Flaherty Hall
Hall staff and Welcome Weekend volunteers at Flaherty Hall