Employment Resources

Support for Learning Beyond the Classroom

We at the Center for Student Support and Care are dedicated to providing skill building, resources, and support that enhances students' abilities to flourish beyond Notre Dame. Encapsulated below are the various resources, programs, and partnerships our team has made in regards to employment support for our students.

If you have additional questions about career discernment or employment resources, please reach out to the Meruelo Family Center for Career Development.

Meruelo Family Center for Career Development Webpage

Accessibility Support for Graduate, Professional, and Licensing Exams

A library of information for students applying for accommodations on standardized exams.

Accommodations for Student Employees

Notre Dame's commitment to providing equal access to students working on-campus jobs.

Employment Toolkit

Database of various resources, mentorship, internship, and employment oppurtunities for underrepresented students.

Student Employment at the CSSC

Resources for current and prospective student employees of the CSSC