Withdrawing and Returning Students

Finding Balance in Well-Being and Academic Progress

There may be times during your college career when your health or a family situation requires prioritization over your life as a student at Notre Dame. Students whose mental health, physical health, and or family situations are impeding their academic progress may consider taking a Health Withdrawal or Voluntary Withdrawal.

A Health Withdrawal consists of time away from Notre Dame in order to address a student's health concerns. This often involves medical and/or psychiatric treatment, skill building, and lifestyle changes. Students who take a Health Withdrawal work to address their health concerns, often with the goal of returning to Notre Dame once the health issue is managed or, in some cases, resolved. A Voluntary Withdrawal may be taken due to unforeseen family circumstances, such as a death in the family.

Withdrawing from the University

Additional information to aid in discerning if taking time away is the right choice for you.

Returning to the University

For students who have already taken a Health Withdrawal or Voluntary Withdrawal and are looking for information on the return process.

STAR Program

Committed to supporting the transition back to Notre Dame, the STAR Program offers resources and opportunities to help returning students successfully reintegrate to campus.