Withdrawing and Returning Students

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There may be times during your college career when your health needs require prioritization over your life as a student at Notre Dame. Students whose mental and/or physical health issues are impeding their academic progress may consider taking a Health Withdrawal. A Health Withdrawal consists of taking time away from Notre Dame to address a student's health concerns. This often involves time-off to focus on medical and/or psychiatric treatment, skill building, and lifestyle changes. Students who take a health withdrawal work to address their health issues, often with the goal of returning to Notre Dame once the health issue is being managed or, in some cases, resolved. For additional information on students considering taking a health withdrawal, please visit the Health Withdrawal Process.

For students who have taken a health withdrawal and are looking for information on the process to return, please visit Returning Student Deadlines and Requirements. Once confirmed, students take part in our Returning Students Program dedicated to meeting the needs and concerns of returning students. The program includes the following:

  • Returning Student Orientation before the start of the semester
  • Devising a Transitioning Care Plan
  • Workshops designed for the development of skills and strategies
  • Study tables where students can connect with other readmitted students
  • One-on-one check-ins with a Care & Wellness Consultant

For questions about the withdrawal or returning student process, or the Returning Students Program please contact Annie Eaton at aeaton@nd.edu