Withdrawing from the University

Determining whether or not to take a health withdrawal can be a difficult but necessary decision. Your Care and Wellness Consultants are here to support you through this decision-making process. We also encourage students to talk through this decision with trusted loved ones. Once you have made the decision to take a health withdrawal, you will want to connect with the following offices to have a full understanding of the advantages and impact of your decision: 

  • Care and Wellness Consultant
  • Rector (if on campus)
  • Advising Dean/Academic Advisor
  • Office of Student Accounts, 124 McKenna Hall
  • Office of Financial Aid, 128 McKenna Hall (if applicable)

Once you have connected with these offices and have received approvals, there will be an eform sent to the Office of the Registrar where your health withdrawal will become official. 

Taking Classes While Away

Taking classes while on leave at another higher education institution can help to provide necessary structure, mental stimulation, and additional credits toward your graduation requirements. If you are considering taking classes at another institution for credit, you are required to receive pre-approved from your college to ensure credits will transfer to Notre Dame. Please consult with your advising dean prior to registering for classes while away. 

ND Email

Your email will deactivate 60 days after you depart the University. Please provide your Care and Wellness Consultant and college an alternative email address.