Academic Adjustments

What are academic adjustments?

Academic adjustments are modifications to how a student meets the academic requirements of a course or academic program. These modifications do not lower academic standards, but rather give a qualified student equal access to the educational opportunities of the University. Academic adjustments may include, but are not limited to, alternate means of completing assignments, deadline extensions, or course substitutions.

How can I obtain academic adjustments?

  1. Registered students must meet with Sara Bea Accessibility Services' Coordinator of the Accommodations Process to request academic adjustments as soon as possible each semester. The Coordinator will consult with the student’s instructor and other academic officials (if necessary) to determine if the needed academic adjustment is reasonable for the course and/or academic program.
  2. If the identified adjustment is determined to be reasonable, then the student will be notified and the adjustment will be provided.

What if an academic adjustment is not approved?

  1. If the Coordinator or any other officials have concerns that the identified academic adjustment will alter the essential requirements or standards of the student’s course, program, or activity, then the student’s request will be reviewed by a committee consisting of officials from Student Affairs and the affected school/department/college. 
  2. If the committee is unable to reach a consensus on whether the adjustment would fundamentally alter the student’s course, program, or activity, then the Office of the Provost shall make the final determination based on input from the committee.