Skills Mentoring

Executive Functioning Support

The Center for Student Support and Care offers a number of resources and tools to help students set and achieve their academic goals. Below are a number of resources to help students with time management, organization and self-regulation, as well as a form to request a meeting with a skills mentor to further discuss learning strategies and self-efficacy.

Organizational Resources

Below are templates that the CSSC offers to all students to better plan and prepare for their academic pursuits on a weekly basis. The links below allow students to make a copy of each template that can be edited and accessed on their own google drive.

Weekly Planner Weekly Visual Schedule Template Holiday/Break Visual Schedule Template

Skills Mentoring Support

Students meet with their Skills Mentor on a regular basis for customized sessions specific to the student's individual needs. Many students find that working with a Skills Mentor not only serves to develop important life skills, but also provides a consistent point of accountability.

Regular check-ins with a Skills Mentor help students with motivation, prioritization, and ultimately, to achieve success in the classroom. Please complete the form below to discuss your goals and to get paired with a Skills Mentor.

Skills Mentee Registration Form