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Consulting with students, faculty, staff, and families to promote student well-being and accessibility.

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Comprehensive, Individualized Care

The Center for Student Support and Care is dedicated to providing Notre Dame students with comprehensive, individualized care. Our aim is to help students get connected to academic, social, physical, mental, financial, and spiritual support. Through consultation, advocacy, and resource promotion, the Center works on behalf of students to help them thrive at Notre Dame and beyond.

Comprised of the Care and Wellness Consultants and Sara Bea Accessibility Services, the primary goal of the Center is to support and advocate for students with a variety of needs. In this capacity, the Center acts as a bridge between students and the wider University community, ensuring students have access to resources and necessary accommodations.

Types of Help

Book Here for Care and Wellness Support

Students can schedule a private, one-on-one, initial conversation to problem solve well-being concerns and connect to resources.

Accessibility Support

Ensuring students with both visible and invisible disability receive appropriate accommodations.

Transitioning Care

Supporting incoming and returning students in creating a proactive approach to care.

Applying to Notre Dame with a Disability

Helping prospective students explore accommodation possibilities.


Campus Resources


Students registered with Sara Bea Accessibility Services and supporting faculty can get their student accommodation needs met with AccessND.

Workshops for Holistic Success

We know that higher levels of well-being are correlated with academic and social success. Sign up for one of our workshops to create a more intentional approach to wellness, building upon your skills and study practices.

Text-to-Speech Tool

Do you want to listen to your reading assignments? Would you benefit from reading digital text with highlights? Sign-up for a free Kurzweil 3000 account now available to all Notre Dame students.

Skills Mentoring

Are you a student looking to improve time management, goal setting, and/or social skills? Work with one of our Skills Mentors to optimize your academic and social experience at Notre Dame.