Online Course Accommodations

As the University continues to offer virtual instruction, we will continue to work with you to ensure that you have the accommodations you need for your online classes. While there may be some uncertainty as to the new format for your classes, please remember the following:

Continuity of accommodations

The accommodations that you have been approved for this semester, such as testing accommodations, note takers, or assignment extensions, will continue to be provided unless a change in course format makes them no longer necessary.

New accommodations

As your professors inform you of the format for your online course, it may be necessary to discuss new accommodations. If this is the case please notify us immediately before speaking with your professor so we can discuss the appropriate accommodations. We will then communicate with your professor about the new accommodation and its implementation.  

Sara Bea Accessibility Services

Our office will continue to operate during our normal business hours. You may continue to schedule appointments by calling the office or using AccessND. We will continue to provide updated information through this website.

Making Online Classes Work

Online classes can pose new challenges. Utilize our Making Online Classes Work guide to stay organized and improve focus as you learn to navigate these online classes. 

Please email any questions you have to